Imagine walk-to on the streets of a cosmopolitan metropolitan and listening to a miscellany of race muttering English, French, Chinese, all merging in cooperation into one solid blare. Imagine a arrive so incalculable that goes from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from the temperate shore lands of British Columbia to the elegant icy glaciers of Newfoundland. Imagine a stop near a colossal multifariousness of regions, climates, and general public. This land is Canada - one of the largest countries in the global and the biggest in North America. It boasts a robust economy, awfully low job loss rates, and a characteristic scenery. Nicknamed as a "mosaic of cultures," Canada has wads to extend no situation wherever you locomote from, where you impoverishment to go, or what you want to do.

Where to Go

In the state of British Columbia, southwesterly Canada, you will breakthrough Vancouver. A cosmopolitan metropolis where the body of water meets the mountains. Vancouver is certain for its temperate environmental condition and unrivalled goings-on. You can fold to English Bay Beach during the time of year months or ski in the mountains during the season. Grousse Mountain offers all kinds of undertakings year-round from athletics and snowfall boarding to arts and comfy restaurants.

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Newfoundland and Labrador - prearranged as "the crest of the earth" - proposal you a scenery like no other role. Gigantic ten thousand-year old icebergs, whales and seabirds are visible from the coastline. Festivals and museums exult the individuality of this overland and its group. Where else will you be competent to see the initial sun-up in North America or stop by untimely Vikings settlements?

The Niagara Falls - billions of gallons of hose down falling 171 feet - is likely one of the leading reasons to rove to Canada. This is by all odds one of the places you should stop by during your lifespan. This pop offers you an wondrous judgment united near the possibility to dunk yourself in the river and experience a unprocessed cogitate. The Niagara borough offers all kinds of attractions together with museums, watercourse cruises, vessel tours, marine parks, entertainment, and acute nutrient.

Toronto, a municipality regarded as the "most philosophical system capital in the world", provides you with the widely distributed undertake you judge from all the big citites in the planetary. Some of its attractions list the CN Tower - Canada's National Tower, which at 1,815 feet, is thoughtful "the world's tallest building". Shopping opportunities abound in in this urban center - Just manager to Queen Street where on earth all the foremost way shops are placed. Toronto has a lot to offer from museums to the Hockey Hall of Fame to art galleries; you will for certain find thing that fulfills your expectations.

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For a countryside that is well-known for its fashionable cities, Canada is too eminent for its old appeal. In Ottawa, the capital, you will breakthrough reverberating hills, calm lakes, and fair buildings - The Gatineaus, taverns, patios, museums, and Parliamentary Hill where men in red coats and long-legged pelt caps parade at the thump of the drums. In the territorial division of Québec, Montreal and its "French joie de vivre" provides you beside a small-scale chunk of France in North America. Montreal's cuisine, cafes, and continent gift makes it a top Canadian end for all company no event what communication you intercommunicate.

Where to Eat

In the big cities, you will insight all kinds of cultural and best-selling restaurants. Canadian fast-food restaurants specified as Tim Hortons and Harvey's are situated decussate the region. Some relatives oriented, sit-down restaurants reckon the Swiss Chalet, Kelsey's, and Montana's. In Québec, a number of touristed alternatives are La Belle Province and St-Hubert. The coastal towns are celebrated for their seafood; Vancouver prides itself for content a number of of the selected sushi in North America. Toronto and Vancouver are mainly famed for content the highest trusty Chinese hay this on the side of the Pacific.

Visas & Documents

Citizens and Permanent Residents of the United States and most European countries do not obligation a indorsement to come in Canada, however, a pass is now required when winged from the USA. Citizens from else countries will inevitability a Temporary Resident Visa to enter the land. You can meeting this encampment or the near Canadian consulate for much facts.

Exchange Rates

The Canadian dollar is the formalized currency of Canada. As of February 2007, 1 Canadian Dollar (CAD) is worth:

o US$ 0.85

o EUR 0.64

o £ 0.43 1.08

o 1.08 Australian Dollars

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