Project Managers and enthusiasts in the parcel of land now have a spot to collected online. The Project Management Learning Center (PMLC) is a Project Management familiarised parcel of land that is balanced to get the Internet's fastest mushrooming PM devotion parcel. Through intercontinental membership, the PMLC will change state a governing parcel of land for Project Management Knowledge, Jobs, Discussion, Articles, Industry Sites and Social Network and such substantially more... The vision is to beforehand intercontinental Project Management financial condition by fostering innovation, enabling members' careers and promoting civic total.

The PMLC promotes the manoeuvre of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying skill nearly Project Management and data for the positive feature of human race and the vocation.

Members swear on the PMLC as a root of method and office information, reserves and employment. PMLC's aspiration is to foster an wonder in the Project Management profession, the PMLC likewise serves scholar members in motion of PMP Certification circa the planetary.

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Members have entree to:

Conferences, Seminars and Events

Post or Locate approaching Conferences, Seminars, Training Events, etc. in the Events Calendar Section.

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PM Careers

Employers can catalogue job card to a outstandingly targeted PM gathering from nigh on the international. PMLC members can reassessment job bill and submit resumes on economic process.


Review articles and course intellectual on PMP Exam Prep, return faux PMP Exams or Register for Instructor Led basic cognitive process programs next to diverse Education Partners. Or picket your businesses schooling happenings for members to move in.

Social Networking

Network Yourself in a PM Specific Community. Build a profile, contact to otherwise members, interact with else PM's or PMP aspirants, second message, stake to talk forums, compose articles and Blogs, give notice observations on alive articles and some more than...


PMLC seeks to finance the subject and sciences of Project Management, advance realization of the current trends and engineering in the field, and provide ultramodern employment for the tuition and professed enlargement of its members. PMLC members as well acquire discriminatory contributor subscriptions and discounts on different Industry products and employment.


As a member, you'll have the chance to improve the lives of others in the PM community, volunteer for leading positions, or go to a meeting to just industry leaders and practitioners, brush the most recent research, and modern your written document to an multi-ethnic assemblage.


PMLC calling and employment assets proffer great opportunities for our members. Whether you are a job seeker, doctor or entrepreneur, the PMLC Job Site offers you the lip you necessitate to succeed. PMLC too offers courses from the top industry institutions at discriminatory discounts for our members.

*The employment offered through with this piece of land are listed, promoted and maintained by members

PMLC political leanings helps give your backing to the pursuit of promoting the Project Management community. Membership as well enables us to furnish low-cost pupil scholarships, funds programs for expansion of the PM community and helps initiate PM correlated careers to preteen nation circa the global.

Membership Cost

$25 US Dollars per year

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