Over the years, I have seen accurately thousands of fights and to linguistic unit my top ten will do excess to several others and I apologise for that up forward. Still, I'll provide it a go and chronicle them in decree of predilection. Rightly or wrongly, I utilised the following criteria: I had to see them in performance or when they were primary televised (no tapes, YOUTUBES, and/or videos), ebb and flow, immediate conversion in flow, controlled violence, courage, infliction of will, prestige of systematic skills, fresh cruelness and of her own pleasure. Here they are.

1. Bobby Chacon vs. Rafael "Bazooka " Limon: On December 11, 1982, Chacon was dropped in the 4th and 10th, Limon in the 15th swollen (1982 Fight of the Year - Ring Magazine). It restrained all of the criteria listed preceding and after more than a few. Bobby came final from the edge to win in dramatic manner. Had to see it to feel it.

2 Bobby Chacon vs. Cornelius Boza-Edwards on May 15, 1983: Same as numeral one. Ebb and flow, savagery, courage, violence, technical skills...everything was included. 1983 Ring Magazine Fight of the Year. Chacon roseate from a collective in ringlike one and recovered from a uncertain cut to small indefinite amount Boza Edwards in bulging 12 and penalize an previously failure. Redemption at a exalted value.

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3.Yvon "The Fighting Fisherman" Durelle vs. Archie Moore: on December 10, 1958 in Montreal. On the sheeting 3 contemporary world in pear-shaped one and former much next in the mid rounds, Moore in some way regrouped and regularly came wager on. He knew all pass off in the fisticuffs work of fiction and utilized all one of them to come with backbone and batsman the halt Durelle for an 11th-round stop. The quarrel circumscribed spirit and will. Only Robinson vs. Basilio kept this from beingness Ring Magazine Fight of the Year...but that was rightful simple false. Hell, this should have been brawl of the Decade.

4. Monroe Brooks vs. Bruce Curry: on April 7, 1978. Old university clash featuring contained sternness until some threw coincidental paw in the ninth globose with Curry's platform opening. This was Gatti-Ward past Gatti-Ward. Violence next to a role. The swap of imprisoning shots was incredible.

5. Alvaro "Yaqui" Lopez vs. Matthew Saad Mohammed: on July 13, 1980 in New Jersey. The front fractional was dominated by Lopez and in circular viii (named "Round of the Year"), he fastened Saad in a country landing 20 aberrant serial blows. Muhammad in some way got out of that corpulent and stopped the arm shattered Lopez in the 14th discoid. (1980 Fight of the Year - Ring Magazine)

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6. Jaime Garza vs. Juan "Kid" Meza: on November 13, 1983. Sudden rage in Kingston, NY. First Meza down, then Garza low and out. The ko was called 1984's Knockout of the Year by KO Magazine. The old adage "never catch next to a hooker" did not apply, for some fighters were poisonous beside this clobber.

7. Elvir "The Kosovo Kid" Muriqi vs. "Slamming" Sam Ahmad: On July 23, 2002 in New Rochelle, NY. A platform six, ebb and travel wrestle. A whole of 6 knockdowns titled and 2 not called but should have been..

8. Tommy Hearns Vs. Iran Barkley: on June 6, 1988 a winging rightly paw from Hell suddenly ended what had been a gory one-sided tempo fur of "The Blade." The ordinal clout that expedited Tommy's travel was maleficent.

9. Micky Ward vs. Reggie Green: this religion classical was fought on October 1, 1999 and was arguably greater than the basic Gatti-Ward. I was location and can take the stand for the ebb and stream human activity and dramatic closing moments in the 10th when Ward in time caught up beside the desperate Green. Two lions in the sphere. Breakthrough collide for Ward that segued him to laurels.

10. Three-way tie between:

Thomas Hearns- Marvin Hagler: On April 15, 1985, these two affianced in undiminished and non-stop war for cardinal rounds back Hagler finished matters beside a inhumane precisely. The 1985 Ring Magazine Fight of the Year.

Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo: With his not here eye nigh whole unopen and simply trailing two times in the 10th, Corrales miraculously climbed off the deck and battered Jose Luis Castillo into substance on the supports to mark one of the furthermost affected TKO's in boxing ancient times on May, 2005. Ring Magazine Fight of the Year.

Kid" Akeem Anifowoshe vs. Robert "Pikin" Quiroga: on June 15, 1991, they battled for 12 violent rounds for the IBF Super Flyweight Title in an ebb and travel cruelness that not one and only was named the "Ring Magazine" Fight of the Year for 1991 but was one of the best fights ever in the crack grappler faction. The 12 inhumane rounds landed both fighters in the hospital, and was as immediate to the bounds as two fighters can get. May have contributed to the "Kid's" destruction old age later.

Honorable Mention:

2002: Ward vs. Gatti

2002: Gonzalez vs. Letterlough

1983: Duran vs. Moore

1981: LoCicero vs. Lee

1976: Foreman vs. Lyle

1976: Williams vs. Shavers

1947: Graziano vs. Zale

Ted The Bull's Five Favorite Rounds

1. Round 10 of the Diego Corrales- Jose Luis Castillo struggle in 2005: With his left eye about wholly stoppered and merely downstairs twofold in the 10th, Corrales miraculously climbed off the platform and battered Jose Luis Castillo into submission along the chains to grade one of the furthermost melodramatic TKO's in contact sport yore. Ring Magazine Fight of the Year and Round of the Year. "All the nobility, all the savagery, and all the savageness of contact sport was captured in one three-minute round Saturday period of time." - Ron Borges/Boston Globe

2. The 15th nutlike of the 1950 Jake LaMotta-Laurent Dauthuille battle fighting was unparralelled for its climax when LaMotta,. musical performance possum, unexpectedly erupts and takes out Dauthuille beside only 13 seconds disappeared. He was trailing on the scorecards at the incident he artificial this marvelous 15th-round severe to hold his Middelweight belt. Scoring at instance of knockout: 72-68, 74-66, 71-69 Dauthuille. It was titled the 1950 Fight of the Year and Round of the Year.

3. The 9th discoidal of the Roy "Tiger" Williams- Earnie Shavers conflict on December 11, 1976 saw a big transmission both ways (but it was the 10th that was likeable). The Tiger started potent in the ordinal and landed a amount of dry shots He seemed in bill but next played out midway but the ball-shaped and Ernie came on, onrush away and Roy had to clasp on and reorganize. With around a infinitesimal to go, it happened. Roy snapped off one of the hardest left-hand manus I have ever seen and staggered Earnie who was now in big preoccupy. Ernie had no statement and probable was saved by the bell. He staggered put a bet on to his alcove a tremendously limp boxer.

The 10th and final curved began and Shavers came out visibly tired out while Williams appeared hopeful and organized to end matters and eventually emerge as a weighty heavyweight competitor. He speedily rapt Earnie into a corner and applied brutal, non- thwart social control until the Referee titled a status 8 count. Roy scheme the box had been stopped, upturned say and elevated his hands in finish but when he turned back to see a striving Shavers yet name. The Tiger's vital principle visibly sagged. Still, he came on and hit Shavers with blows that would positively have knocked out everyone other. Then, all of a sudden, Shavers started to bracket together with whatever environment vexed blows to Roy's physical structure which slowed him behind. Suddenly he related to with one of his deathlike uppercuts near Tiger on the supports and it straightened him up. He was now distressed and Ernie perceived it. He rapt the Tiger into a recess and began throwing his own bombs. Roy could not resist the fierce concentrated effort and the Referee now gave him a erect eight, extraordinarily the second in the round! Ernie stood poised, albeit exhausted, and ready to go. As the mediator sequent Roy to start fighting, he took a footfall forward, hesitated, and consequently folded in the niche a outdone man. Ernie sagged completed the supports too drained to sanctify. The brawl was ended. That was quite a few 10th round!

4. Ninth smoothed of the introductory Ward-Gatti struggle in 2002. Ring Magazine Round and Fight of the Year. Incredible ebb and fall blended with exceptional ferocity and fell boss shots. First Gatti unloads, next it's Ward bend. It's the character of substitute that had every person up noisy until they were guttural.

5. In Ring Magazine and KO Magazine's 1980 Fight of the Year, Matthew Saad Muhammad met "Yaqui" Lopez in an unconvincing war. On the verge of a stop loss several times during the fight, Saad rallied to income Lopez out in the ordinal discoid. The freshman fractional of the exchange blows was controlled by Yaqui and in Round Eight (named Round of the Year) he fastened Saad in a area and landed 20 successive blows. Somehow Saad got through it and dictated direct the residue of the way until he scored the 14th-round severe. However it was the 8th rotund in which he lived up to his moniker "Matthew Miracle."

Honorable Mention:

Tommy Hearns Vs. Iran Barkley : on June 6, 1988 a winging justified mitt from Hell hastily complete what had been a butcherly nonreversible overpower downstairs of "The Blade." The 2nd bang that accelerated Tommy's descent was maleficent. The hurriedness near which this occurred in capitate 3 knocked for six the mass into status.

The 5th and concluding global of the 1981 Bill "Caveman" Lee - John LoCicero brawl in the smothering heat energy at the Twenty Grand Showroom in Detroit would grant this shortened contest cult-like prestige. LoCicero got decked out proterozoic in the round, got up and pummeled "The Caveman" near concerning 20 and 25 unreturned and brutal shots until he got arm drowsy. Lee later regrouped and took done pummeling LoCicero until he was knocked out in the same capitate. First LoCicero nigh out, after Lee nearly out, consequently LoCicero feathers and out! Like Meza-Garza but longest and some warriors arm worn-out..

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