WOW, Russ... We've had our 1st occurrence of the New Year already!

Do you mean, our having 6 roman candles that Cassie moved out in the room container to shoot into the clear, freezing Vancouver vault of heaven at Midnight, Rascal?

I mean, Russ, having to rescript this blog dispatch after disbursal from 2:07 A.M. until 7:23 A.M. working on, but forgetting to reclaim it before sign... We straying it all with one slew of your dyslexic upright fingers, Russ!

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How is that a miracle, Rascal?

Well, Russ, we cognize that near was thing more that our Lord needed us to take in in this 1/01/07 Rascal's Apostle New Year's Day 2007 Blog. Do you "See" Russ?

Yes, Rascal... I "See"! It's the hearing that I have my technical hitches beside. Yes, of course, Rascal, you are e'er "Right"! You and The Holy Spirit"!

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(CEV) Ecclesiastes 4:12 Someone could be competent to lick up one of you, but not both of you. As the axiom goes, "A rope made from iii strands of rope is tall to suspension."


I Do and I Am, Rascal!

You "Sure Are", Rascal Russ. And so Am I.

So, Rascal, let us inaugurate again on this New Year's Day diary. It is apt our "Good News Report" astir second year that was disconnected. Don't you agree, Rascal?

Yes, Russ, so why don't you begin division what all happened next to our readers and The Holy Spirit and I will swarm in too.

O.K. Guys! Here Goes:

On New Years Eve of 2006 - we prescriptive an electronic mail from Jamal - in Portland, OR - cross-town the Columbia River from us - here in Vancouver, WA.

Jamal was born - as I was - beside a "Hearing Impairment." Although Jamal's quick-eared was not a firmly compromised as my own - 80* decibel loss in both ears - Jamal's hearing loss is a pretty sober loss. I've since seen his audiogram. As I have in earlier times sold hearing instruments in my life, I'd asked Jamal to carry his near him once he came complete - as I hark back to.

Jamal had not proverbial that he was a "Deafie" until he was 32-years old, winning a unavoidable state physical, once he'd 1st scholarly of his Hearing Impairment. Jamal's enthusiasm had been screwed up as a through proceed of that shortage of wisdom.

Jamal had obtained a BTE (Behind The Ear) audible range aid from the Lion's Club just about 10-years last. Being terribly creative, Jamal had managed to bread and butter the old at large audible range aid work for over and done with the eld. He knew that he was comatose in need his hearing aid. Now it - his one Hearing Aid - had died!

Jamal vindicatory had written Hearing Aid into his machine watcher. Google had taken him to an ezine nonfictional prose adequate "Pushy Deaf Kid's Mom" - which I had published as an ezine article - individual months prior.

I didn't really comprehend, until later, the substance of the 2nd segment of Mother's response. But yeah, I knew that she did be mad about me. Even in spite of this I commonly resented the sitting room restriction, I was of all time to be recovered occupying a advance table. [March 04, 2005 06:50:00 am]

Jamal disclosed that he had been an scrupulous victim of Insidious Deafness for all of his time of life. I had been found - in component part - by my mother's watchfulness to my unlistening eccentricity - as she had endured the sharp-eared disablement all of her own enthusiasm. Mother had ready-made indisputable that her son, Rusty, would be seated in the face bureau of the lesson so I would learn to pronounce my oral communication right because I was able to hear my teachers. I - yet today -"Thank God" for that "Miracle" too.

Jamal's lovely and smart wife, Marilyn, said to him - after they had publication my ezine article - "Maybe the guy that lives in Vancouver can support you, Jamal?"

Jamal had sent me an electronic mail to breakthrough out. I Had replied likewise closing new age eve to say "Come on complete the Columbia River and I may have a duo of quick-eared instruments that will relieve you out?

Marilyn and Jamal came completed on New Year's Day - end yr.

I gave Jamal a set of BTEs That I had regenerate - and carried in the region of once I'd moved unnumberable modern world - beside me once they came finished To Vancouver. LOL

Both Jamal and Marilyn were exceedingly obliged.

(NKJV) Psalms 37:23 The stairs of a [good] man are consecutive by the LORD, And He delights in his way.

As A Good Man - With A Great Woman ~ they same that I would "Never devote different dime on computer instrumentation once more." They tired various Sundays bring forward me into the 21st Century - information processing system perceptive - and introduced me to MySpace - where they became my 1st 2 friends.

I love them both!

Well, Russ, this is going to be a weeklong New Year's Day Blog. We will have to produce it once again as an ezine nonfiction short these smiles. Actually, this is a smashing situation to split this article for the nonfictional prose bank's sequence of articles which it will postulate. It is broad - under 1,000 spoken communication - so this 1st ezine piece will get downloaded by astute ezine publishers - and used in their ezines to their interested readers.

I Am winning now a terse break, Rascal, to refer this section of our New Years Day journal.

BRB (Be Right Back) near Part Two of this NEW YEARS DAY 2007 round :)

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